About Us

Will - Owner/Designer

Creative director, ideas man, maker and all round nice guy. A Birch plywood pioneer in New Zealand, Will loves to create simple, beautiful designs that are honest and authentic.

Libby - Owner/Driving Force

Master coordinator, wearer of many hats and lover of all things nice. Libby gets things done while keeping her cool. Passionate about quality, function and style, plus she makes a great cup of tea.

Damon - Workshop Manager/Maker

Talented maker with a background in art and sculpture. Damon’s keen eye for detail and fine craftsmanship bring a humble quality to the team.

Henry - Maker

Joiner, fine woodworker and sometimes guitar maker. Henry’s experience, love of the outdoors and friendly Irish manner fit the team perfectly.

Claire - Design/Customer Service

Fashion designer, interior outfitter and expert draftsperson. Claire's skills plus a love of Scandinavian sensibility and order help things at Make run smoothly.

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